Jubilee Activity Ideas

Jubilee Activity Ideas

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching and it feels like everyone is getting ready for a celebration. There is bunting up in all the shops, supermarkets have started selling novelty biscuit tins with corgis on them and the Radio Times jubilee edition is already on sale. I think it’s safe to say that after the two years we have all had, a four day bank holiday with predicted sunny weather is exactly what we all need. 

But aside from celebrating Queen Lizzy, the jubilee will be a chance for us to all come together, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate with our local communities. And of course the weekend will bring on street parties, church fetes and TV specials - but four days is still a long time so we’ve come up with some ideas of fun family filled activities to do over this four week bank holiday. 


Baking is a great activity to do whatever the weather. If it’s hot outside kids will have a ball smashing meringues up and whipping some cream for an Eton Mess (very on brand) and if its raining and dreadful weather, making an oozy guey chocolate cake is just as satisfying. Furthermore it’s a great way to get through an afternoon if the kids are being little rascals, with the promise of a sweet treat at the end.

We particularly love these Jubilee inspired kits from Craft and Crumb and this delicious looking union jack cake that is sure to be a conversation starter at any table!


The Humble Board Game

Listen, Wordle is great we all know the OG is Scrabble. Introduce the kids to the old fashioned world of board games and see the afternoon fly by with the ultimate cosy (and competitive!) family activity. 

Everyone has their favourites but some of ours are Scrabble (obvs), Pit the card game (super easy and accessible from a young age) and Ludo for a proper old school throwback.

Or maybe even come up with a family (& friends) quiz! Each member creates a round and the winner wins what to watch on telly that night. And of course you must have a Queen inspired round..!

 Get out and About!

The thought of a gentle walk and a cream tea at a countryside property after a tipsy, bustling streetparty sounds absolutely perfect and The National Trust has an array of wonderful activities designed to get families out of the house this coming weekend. 

Checkout the places nearest you and see what they’ve got going on. 


Arts and crafts are another brilliant way to spend time as a family together and take some time away from screens. And why not make it jubilee based and find crafty things that will contribute to the jubilee decor - have a go at some homemade bunting or figuring out a way to make napkins look like crowns

 Family Film

There is nothing better than snuggling down and watching a film all together as a family. It’s hard to find a film the whole family will enjoy so we've rounded up a few royal based films that we think the whole family can enjoy:

A Royal Night Out, Gangsta Granny, Flushed Away (there is a royal connection, you’ll see if you watch it!), The King’s Speech, Bill by the Horrible Histories lot.

 Let Your Hair Down!

This weekend is the perfect chance to make memories with friends and families. It will be a truly historic weekend to look back on so remember to make some memories, take photos and keep them for years to come. 

Check out of 'Family Activity Ideas' board on Pinterest for more fun ideas

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