Fairy Godparents

Fairy Godparents

It’s Christening season which means that the celebration of new life is in the air. However, these days more and more people are choosing to forego a traditional religious ceremony, preferring their child to be able to make their own religious choices once they are older. Instead families may hold ‘civil naming ceremonies’ or ‘welcoming ceremonies’ - or decide to waive the ceremony aspect altogether and decide to just have a Big Do with family and friends.


But what does that mean for the role of Godparent? Traditionally the godparent’s role is to be a sponsor for the child at baptism and guide them through faith. Many now however are opting to give their children ‘Fairy Godparents’/’Guide Parents’/’Mentors' - there are many secular name alternatives floating around the internet.

The idea is that, rather than guiding the child through religion specifically, a Fairy Godparent’s role would be a loving guide for the child through life’s ups and downs, drawing from their own experiences. Whether that be emotional, financial, spiritual or practical support, the role can be catered to what the parents themselves want for their children. 


We have curated a few of our favourite items that we think are perfect to be given by a Fairy Godparent - one thing that will never change is how much children love gifts after all!


Christening Gift Set

Silver Locket with Chain

Midi Case in Ivory

Memory Case Bunny Gift Set

Musical Jewellery Box in Ivory



We design all our products to last forever, to keep special memories safe for a lifetime. We hope your fairy godchildren love them as much as we do.

With Love, 

Marie and Ali x

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