We’ve been thinking a lot about the diaries and notebooks we stock and how our handwriting changes as we grow. Is it possible that the study of our handwriting from then to now says as much about what we were doing and going through, who we were as children, as the actual words we write? 

Well it turns out the study of handwriting is an actual thing and it's called ‘Graphology’. Now what does that mean?!

Graphology is the study of handwriting, especially when employed as a means of analysing a character, personality, abilities etc.. and it dates back to days of Aristotle in Ancient Greece. 

In this increasingly technological world where we find ourselves typing more than anything else, analysing our handwriting and what it says about us could be a very interesting idea to get behind.


We've condensed down some keys pointers and here is what our research concludes:



Small -  You may be shy, meticulous, introverted - you have strong focus and concentration

Large - You may be out-going, outspoken, people oriented - you want to feel understood and noticed

Average - You are well adjusted and adaptable


Wide - You enjoy your own freedom

Narrow - You can’t stand to be alone 



None - You are logical and practical, solid and pragmatic

To the right - You are open to new experiences and enjoy meeting new people, you are heart-centred

To the left - You keep to yourself, prefer to work with things over people

Slanting - You are rebellious


Rounded - You are creative and artistic

Pointed - You are intense, intelligent and curious

Connected - You are logical, systematic, make decisions carefully



Heavy - You are good with commitment and taking things seriously, strong emotions and feel things very intensely, can be quick to react. If its excessively heavy, you might be going through something//tend to be uptight and can react quickly to criticism.  Where the writing appears dark, or shows through the back of the paper it could also indicate high levels of energy

Light - You are sensitive and show empathy to people, but you also have a lack of vitality, move easily from place to place, you don’t wear yourself out emotionally. It may also indicate a lack of energy or tiredness


Illegible - You are private, hard to read/understand

Legible - You are confident and comfortable in your own skin 



Not joined up - You are logical, methodical and make decisions carefully

Connected - You are intelligent and intuitive 


High - You have high goals and self-esteem

Low - You aim low and have strong insecurities


Little - You have poor time management

Even - You are aware of boundaries



According to the British Insitute of Graphologists, 

"Handwriting is the pattern of our psychology expressed in symbols on the page and these symbols are as unique as our own DNA."

So what do you think? Are you on the graphology train, or is it just a bit of fun and to be taken lightly?

Either way our memory books are the perfect way for your children to treasure moments for years to come and maybe they can note how their handwriting changes over time and see what it says about them..

With love, 

Ali and Marie x


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