Unique Half-Term Activity Ideas

Unique Half-Term Activity Ideas

Half term is upon us! Where did the time go? 

We've come up with some unique half-term activities for all the family to enjoy and remember for a long while to come. 

Write a letter

Letter writing is a lost art these days. I mean who ever heard of a Love Email? 

A fun activity for the kids is to write a letter to a notable figure - the new King or Prime Minister (depending on who that will be by the time you read this blog post..!) 

You may be surprised by the reply you get. This activity is also a good opportunity for the kids to practice their letter writing skills and/or have a go and using a fancy pen to practice their good handwriting. 

A Good Old Fashioned Blue Peter Badge! 

An oldie but a goodie. Blue Peter is still around and these days there are tons more than there used to be. The show has also recently launched a brand spanking new badge - a silver one for Blue Peter fans who show individual acts of kindness. 

Here is the link highlighting all the different badges so you can choose which is best suited for your little one.

Hopefully they'll recieve a badge and be able to keep it forever!

Our Meminio Memory Folders are the perfect place to keep letters and badges - the little rectangular pocket at the bottom is practically made to keep Blue Peter badges!


Do Some Baking with Craft and Crumb

Our lovely friends over at Craft and Crumb have created various different Halloween baking kits. 

Get your Bake Off on and make some spooky creations.

An Autumnal Wreath 

Along the same vein, have you ever made a wreath at home? You can buy these fab plain ones on websites like HobbyCraft here. Go on a walk with the kids and together collect some pretty Autumnal nature bits - some red leaves, a pine cone, a conker in it's shell - and pin them in and voila! You have yourself a beautiful autumnal wreath. 

Slayer Rose has a wonderful tutorial you can follow here.

Have a Clear Out

If you have a load of chores in the house to do, here is a great way to occupy the kids. Get them to gather up all their old/unused toys and bits and bobs and have a little sale outside for charity. Is for a good cause, keeps the kids distracted and creates some space around the house. What more could you want?

Make a Movie for Movie Night

In true Halloween spirit, get the kids to make a scary movie and have a Halloween Movie Night! They can write the script, sort the costumes and act themselves, becoming true filmmakers. Or, if this is a little too arduous, a TikTok like all the cool kids will do ;)

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt 

We are not naive - it is very likely it will rain when half-term comes around. Apart from a trip to the cinema or bowling alley, have you ever heard of an indoor scavenger hunt? We stumbled upon this wonderful idea on 'The Spruce' website (link here)

A fantastic, riddle-filled activity for all the family to enjoy.

And finally... visit a pumpkin patch!

Visit a pumpkin patch to really get into the Halloween mood. Take your collection back and carve scary faces out to your hearts content! Don't forget to picture the moment.

These will get *very* popular this time of year so do check for bookings/opening times. 


We hope we have inspired you with some of our ideas - do let us know if you try any of them out and how you and the kids found them. And don't forget to keep momentos and save them in your Meminio Memory Case!


Ali and Marie x 

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