School work, handy tips on what to keep…

School work, handy tips on what to keep…

Every summer when the kids break up form school we have the same dilemma. They come home with a nice full bag of work to show you. The question is what to keep and what do you put in the recycling? Let us help you with some ideas and tips.

As soon as they come home with their plastic bag full of creativity and achievements of the year we love sitting with our little one and going through it.

Quite quickly you will see there will be some pieces they are prouder of than others. Then think will they get joy from looking at this in 10 years time- if that’s a yes then keep it.

Have to hand your memory folder, case or whatever you choose to keep your memories to get treasuring.

Then it’s up to you…..

  • Is a certificate or an award? Without question this goes in the memory folder.
  • Art work is a bit more subjective- bin the glitter or pasta art- these do not last! Think have they worked hard on this piece or does it show off their personality – these are memories for the future (eg when they drew daddy without a head or baby sister being eaten by a shark) -it’s one for the folder.
  • Work books- these are tricky as you may be inclined to keep these but generally you won’t be gushing over these in years to come. Maybe there’s one with lovely messages from the teacher or a fantastic story or first bit of writing but other than that don’t feel guilty about putting them straight in the bin.
  • School reports- we actually think it’s really sad that the school report gets sent by email, we know we won’t be looking back at this in 10 years by searching our inbox so we suggest you print this out and pop in in your memory case.
  • We like to add one of the school photos into the folder or case, it’s fun to see them grow year on year.
  • If it’s been the end of an era then you will have even more special keepsakes. The signed shirt, sports day medals and old tie will have a special place in the memory case.
  • If you have one memory folder or case then make sure you don’t keep more than they fit. Don’t hang on to too much, just in case you may want to look at it. If it’s not on the A list, likely is you won’t be reminiscing over this and are just delaying the inevitable. Just saving the extra special pieces really makes those more special.

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