May Half Term Ideas

May Half Term Ideas

The May half-term is upon us and it’s always a slog to think of some cool, new, unique ideas to do with the kids. We put our heads together and came up with some fantastic ideas that we’d love to share..


A Historical Place

Find a local place of historical interest near you and make a day trip out of it. Perhaps your son is learning about the Great Fire of London so you could take the day out and visit Pudding Lane in London, where the fire started. Or if you’re up north and your child is studying the Romans, you could go check out Hadrian’s Wall. Down in Cornwall you could see some pirate treasure troves if they’re really into the Pirates of the Caribbean! It’s easy to forget how much history we have on our doorsteps in the UK and there is so much to explore.




Blue Peter Badge
Did you know there are now a load of new blue peter badges to apply for? No longer is it just a white one with a blue ship, there are now specific ones music related, gardening, even a sports one! Perfect for zoning in on something your child is passionate about and getting a wonderful reward at the end of it. Children with badges can get in to more than 200 attractions in the UK. (note - it can take up to two months for a badge to arrive in the post so do it now if you want it to arrive for summer).


Different arts and crafts ideas

No more colouring in or joining the dots.
Here are some different ideas for the creative kids amongst you all:
- Print out a colouring in picture and instead of colouring in with pens, pencils or paint, scrunch up different coloured pieces of tissue paper and create a 3D collage! Can be big or little (and much easier to clean up than paint!)
- Get a cheap scrapbook and fill it up with pictures and memories from the holidays. Or if this is a bit difficult, get a load of magazines and get your child to cut out all their favourite pictures to make a moodboard.
 - Get a pack of digestives and buy a load of icing pens and decorations from the shops and decorate some yummy biscuits. A creative way to draw, doesn’t break the bank and they get to eat a treat afterwards 🙂


Nature walk vase

If you’re trying to drag the kids out for a walk, make it more fun by turning it into this really easy and creative nature vase activity:

Before you leave cut a piece cardboard they can hold. Draw on a simple vase and poke holes through the cardboard where the flowers will be. Go for a walk and gather daisies and other flowers that are in abundance and poke the stems through. Watch the vase come to life with it’s beautiful flower arrangement.

Why not mix it up, with a face and grassy hair or a lion with dandelions for a mane.


Hope that's given you some good ideas to fill the half term week.
Ali & Marie x
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