how to wow with a first birthday present

how to wow with a first birthday present

It can be hard to find a unique and special first birthday present. We've rounded up our favourite one-of-a-kind prezzies that will really give the WOW-factor.


Meminio Memory Case

We may be biased here but our Memory Cases are a timeless gift a child can keep for years. Store special keepsakes for years to come in our sleek design that comes in a variety of sizes.  


Family Rule 

These height charts truly rule. Reminiscent of old school wooden rulers, these can be stuck on a wall and used to mark a child’s height as they grow.


When you were 1 book 

Slim, smaller than A4 and with prompted sections, our ‘When you were 1’ memory book is the easiest way for parents to record their child’s funny moments to look back and treasure forever.


A Letterfest '1st Birthday Book'

It's no surprise we love this personalised first birthday story book by Letterfest. All you need to do is fill out a short form with the child's information and voila - a personalised story book right to your door. It will definitely be memorable on the bookshelf. 


A Tonies Box 


Once you have one of these, there's no going back. A toniesbox is a portable musical storybox that is completely screenless. You can purchase different figures  called 'tonies' that magnetically stand up on top of the box and play out a story or sing songs and is a great for helping children relax or simply keep entertained. Different 'tone' characters include Peppa Pig, the Gruffalo, Simba and more. 


If you have any other suggestions for a unique First Birthday Present, do leave a comment!

With love, 

Ali and Marie x

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